Long live our republic

Hello! And welcome to this blog.I never thought in a million years that I would do something like this.I have been motivated to take action because of my love for my country and for my freedom.Unfortunitly they are both in danger of being lost.Our Government is at a size that would make our Forefathers have a heart attack.Government was supposed to be limited.The true power rested in the people.You know”WE THE PEOPLE” not WE THE GOVERNMENT.I think that George Washington said it right when he said”Government is not reason;it is not eloquence;it is force!Like fire,it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” I do want to state upfront that this is not about the LEFT or the RIGHT.That is just a way to divide us.We all really know deep down inside that we have a two-headed single party that plays us and divides us.It’s designed to also distract us from what they are really doing.They(our political leaders) have forgotten who they serve,and they continue to ignore us.So this is just a small reason why I chose to create this Blog.It was created to hopefully start a dialogue  between Americans to get everyone involved and to come up with real solutions to protect our Liberty.Thank you for your time and GOD Bless You and America.


  1. Hey this is nice it amongst many other things this year have been an eye opener for me as an American living in AMERIKA…keep up the good word

    • That’s what this Blog is about .It is supposed to be an eye opener.Not only will I learn about Blogging,others will learn about important issues concerning thier personal liberties,the constitution,the fact that we live in a Republic not a democracy etc etc…..keep plugged in to the Blog it’s going to get better.

    • keep watching this blog,It will get better.

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